To all House of Jacobs customers    


From all of us at The House of Jacobs, to all of our wonderful, fantastic, loyal customers, the time has come for us to say 'Good-bye'.


We will be closing our doors for good at the end of February 2013. Our website will remain open through February or until our inventories become depleted.


We do have a good supply of the Lefse - Value Paks which have been fresh-frozen since early January. This will be the last lefse available from The House of Jacobs.


Speaking of lefse availability, you knew we wouldn't leave you high and dry without giving you a source for lefse now that "The World's Best…" is no longer available.


Our recommendation is a small, rural-Minnesota company located just about 40 miles north of us in the town of Osakis. The company is Jacobs Lefse Bakeri and has a website at Toll-free phone is 1-866-99LEFSE. Give them a try. I think you'll be pleased.


Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make the last 27 years so enjoyable. We have made many friends over the years with you who have been so much more than just customers.  


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!